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Hey friend, thanks for using my referral link to check out the amazing team at TutorFire!


If you think you might've found a great fit from the tutors below, you can book a free consult with Robert, the founder of the company, to talk through your needs and goals and make sure you've got a great tutor match (you know, the kind that lights a fire, heh heh).

Then you can use the code I gave you to get an extra 10% off any Firewood Bundle of appointments with your new tutor!


Need help with multiple subjects, or have a sibling who does? You can use your Firewood Bundle discount code to book appointments with any of their tutors!


Just getting the bundle saves you 5 to 15%, so with my extra 10% on top, you can save up to a quarter of the hourly price! 

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High School Student

Your teaching has meant more to me than I can possibly express. I have never been more excited than when I was learning from you. Thank you so much for the incredible and powerful presence you have been in my life... I truly feel like you and your teaching have changed my life. Thank you for the joy and passion your classes brought me.

DEI Curriculum PD Participant

It was great to enter into your work on this topic—touch into your deep scholarship and practical experiences with curriculum at high school level. I found it fully relevant to our work... Fantastic to be in... conversation on this crucial topic—still pondering. It is a relief to connect with colleagues to pursue this work together.

clients & colleagues say:

Adult Student

 Robert was amazing! If you need help with an essay you are writing he is the go-to guy... I was absolutely blown away by his level of expertise and knowledge.

College Parent

Outstanding (and brilliant) tutor. My son, now a college freshman, won't work with anyone else. Builds a great rapport, and his techniques and strategies have helped my son become a stronger student...

High School Teacher

Fantastic vibrancy and enthusiasm... impact on the entire high school... was palpable... knowledge in his field (and many other fields) is extensive, but what is most impressive is the passion and care he takes to present these intricate and important pieces... The students... are eager to take up the next question or challenge.

High School Parent

Helping to unlock my child's potential equipping him to be successful... You will not be disappointed... amazing. Highly recommended!




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