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Cassidy Marsters

English, Literature, Reading, Academic Writing, Creative Writing, College Admissions Essays, AP English, AP Literature, IB English, History

Hello! My name is Cassidy, I am a recent Geophysics graduate from UC Berkeley and a life-long lover of learning. I have been a tutor since I was in high school and I love helping students and peers reach their academic goals and feel empowered and confident in their educational pursuits. I offer tutoring services in a wide array of subjects of all levels such as English, Writing, History, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, IB/AP Test Prep, and ACT/SAT Test Prep, however Math and Science is my favorite. I take a collaborative and creative approach to tutoring and love working with students to help support them a way that is most helpful to them, always keeping their learning style and learning goals in mind.

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Cassidy Marsters

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