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M Newman

Elementary Science, Middle School Science, High School Science, Educational Leadership, Teacher Training, Scratch, Natural Sciences, Coding

My goal in life is to help people feel successful -- and I want to facilitate that in whatever way possible. What do you love? Please tell me about it, and be enthusiastic! I'm inspired by authenticity, realness, the ability to have an honest conversation and grow from it, even if you might feel uncomfortable along the way.

I'm inspired by the the journeys of my queer ancestors; by the journeys of femme, gender non-conforming, and the disabled femme artists, scientists, activists and thinkers who daily, do the real work on the ground to build change. I'm inspired by my 10 year old niece who is the only girl in her Lego Robotics club and makes short films in her spare time.

I love dinosaurs and writing code to make beautiful and accessible web content and apps. I love late 90s and early 00s culture. I love cuddling puppies and babies and I'm a sucker for a thrift store find. I find great joy in sitting down to read a book, when dancing (badly) to whatever music is playing and completing craft projects with my wife, Mimi.

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