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Our Founder's Story

I've been an educator of one kind or another since I was in high school myself. I've taught in classrooms, gardens, yurts and theaters -- mostly writing and social studies, but also everything from gardening to theater to financial literacy. I've worked with tweens, teens, college students and adult learners at Fortune 500 companies. I love helping English learners as a language learner myself, and completed my Washington State ELL and Literacy teaching certification. A history autodidact, I added that endorsement with 98% scores on the WEST-E. I have experience with students on the autism spectrum, students with ADHD, and students struggling emotionally with adverse personal circumstances.

A passion for lifelong learning is what I teach by example. I completed M.Ed. coursework from Antioch University with a concentration in Waldorf pedagogy; I graduated cum laude from Middlebury, the nation's #4 liberal arts college, in 2009 (GPA 3.56); and I have perfect 800 SAT scores in reading and writing. Since leaving academia, I've taught myself macro- and microeconomics, value investing, advanced Excel, Spanish and internet marketing.


As a student, though, I struggled with attention, time management, and executive functioning. I've learned to manage these challenges and find the strengths within my learning style, and I know first-hand the crucial role that tutors, coaches, and mentors can play.

I've always loved helping young people discover new things about the world and themselves. And that, for me, is what learning's all about -- acing the next test is just a side effect (which I will absolutely help you achieve).

You know the passion and confidence for learning is smoldering within you or your child. How can I help it burst into flame? 

Robert McKay, Founder, Ignite Tutoring Seattle

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