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Privacy Policy

What Information We Collect

Ignite Tutoring uses common tracking tools such as Google Analytics and Meta Pixel to collect certain information from you when you use our site and services, including but no limited to:

  • Device and browser type

  • Pages visited and time spent on pages

  • Where your visit came from (such as social, print, or search engine)

  • Your approximate location (country, state, city)

  • Whether you've been to our site before.

What We Do with Your Information

The information we collect automatically is not personally identifiable, and we do not use any de-anonymization tactics to try to identify you. Ignite Tutoring does not share or sell your information to third parties, except automatically as required by our online service providers such as Wix, Acuity Scheduling, Google and Meta, as governed by their respective privacy policies.

Information You Voluntarily Share with Us

If you fill out any of our online forms, we store this information in our online customer management systems, which are secure and provided by trusted enterprise software services such as Wix and Acuity Scheduling. We may request your permission to use information you share with us in our marketing materials. We will never use any personally identifiable information or images of your or your student in such a way without your express written consent provided by checking the appropriate box on our consent forms online.

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