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Let's rethink the high school economics curriculum!

Ignite > Academic is launching a collaborative curriculum R&D project that aims to disrupt legacy economics curriculum in US high schools and inject more diverse perspectives and real-world relevance in alignment with the Economy Studies curriculum reform framework from Rethinking Economics. As the neoliberal world order transforms into whatever comes next, economics education needs to keep up in order to empower informed global citizens to participate meaningfully in democratic debates and decisions.


In the first phase of the project, we're seeking collaborators and stakeholders across the econ ed space to participate in research and development of better economics curriculum that centers relevant social challenges like sustainability, inequality and financial stability. Have ideas to contribute or simply want to know more? Well then...

Let's Chat!

Which describe you?

Thanks; we'll be in touch! Meanwhile, why not follow us on the socials? Ready to dive right in? Grab 15 minutes on our calendar for an introductory video call!

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