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Ignite > Academic is relaunching our platform offering as TutorFire.Us

Help Re-define the future of platform

At the new TutorFire, our burning ambition is to redefine platform tutoring for the age of AI (which wrote this, by the way). We believe that human professionals still have an important role to play in helping students reach their full potential, but that today's commoditized tutoring platforms will not add value for either educators or students in the AI-driven race to the bottom on price that is already upon us.

Since we opened up the platform to new tutors almost a year ago, usage metrics tell a clear story: we have not added sufficient value to our tutors to keep them active on the platform. We have not found the right alchemy yet to turn straw into gold.


Therefore, we are re-positioning TutorFire as an artisanal, boutique service, where real-world industry professionals share expertise students can't get from AI or school-based learning.


We aim to raise pricing, and tutor compensation, significantly.


We also aim to winnow down the platform to a hard core of entrepreneurial subject-matter experts who are excited to contribute to the new vision.

We value your input in this process, so please fill out this tutor survey to get your information into our new system and help us continue to redefine platform tutoring.

Add your voice. Help us to help you win in the AI age.

My pronouns are
Active socials you'd like us to follow each other on?
I'm a
Working in
Interesed in
As a tutor, I'm currently
Main things I look for in a tutoring company to partner with:
Main things I would avoid in a tutoring company (or things companies I've worked with have done wrong)
I've tutored with
I plan to continue tutoring
I have teachable expertise in:
I can prep students for:
focused on these STEM subjects
& these tech subects
focused on these humanities subjects
focused on these social sciences
focused on these aspects of neuodiversity
focused on these aspects of pedagogy & PD
Including Including these additional languages
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