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Zenia Archenti

Spanish, English, English as an Additional Language, Foreign Languages

I am a creative, affective, charismatic and dependable Bilingual Spanish-English Tutor with 11 years of teaching experience and more than 40 years of speaking Spanish and 17 years of speaking English. Currently I'm working as an independent Spanish Tutor.
I graduated from Dallas Baptist University three years ago with a Master's Degree in Bilingual Education/Dual Language.

I have a personal Philosophy of Education:
My day begins by asking God to give me the wisdom to make potential decisions when planning my teaching I ask him for strength to understand the emotional, social, and intellectual nature of my students without analyzing or judging, to convince my students that they have true grit for learning and achieving goals. I will be an exceptional Spanish teacher/tutor that will impart academic knowledge and also that educator who shapes future influential thinkers.

What motivates me: my daughter motivates me every day, to see her study hard, to strive in music and sports that is an image of success and goals, perseverance, discipline and effort.

My hobbies: I play volleyball, work out, I do home decor and collect natural plants.

I would like to have the opportunity to help you thrive and fall in love not just with the language but with the culture.

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Zenia  Archenti

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