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Richard Azu

Mathematics, Physics, IT, Natural Sciences, Technology, Coding

Richard has in-depth knowledge preparing students for the IGCSE's and SAT’s, as well as middle school and high school core classes. His passion for inspiring growth and development in others is what motivates him to tutor.

Richard is a STEM promoter from Ghana. He received his first class honors bachelor from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and his distinction in telecommunications engineering at the Multimedia University, Malaysia

He is patient and compassionate with this students while setting concrete, manageable objectives that help them achieve their highest potential. Richard is empathetic to his students' needs while pushing them to strive for more than what is expected of them.

With his background and professional work experience in IT, cyber security and telecommunications engineering, Richard has a solid understanding of core math concepts, and has experience tutoring students in topics ranging from Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and everything in between.

Professional and academic experience in Telecommunications and Physics provided Richard with a deep understanding of scientific principles in the subjects of Physics and Math, as well as a thorough ability to impart creative ways to solve any situation.

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Richard Azu

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