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Philippe Petrov

Neuroscience, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, Biology, French, English, Writing, Statistics, Anatomy, Physiology, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Foreign Languages

With more than 15 years of academic and industry research experience in the neuroscience and biomedical fields, I am a goal driven professional, creative problem solver, curious investigator as well as caring and thoughtful mentor and supervisor. My exposure and leadership in cutting edge neuroscience while completing my PhD at University of Oxford and continuing academic research at UCLA, as well as more recently at Allergan have molded me into a meticulous and detail-oriented investigator who retains “big- picture” thinking. I am an advanced user of MATLAB, R, and Python for both experiment design, data analysis and presentation. I have excelled as a mentor (an undergraduate student I mentored finished his PhD at Harvard this year). I also demonstrated effective leadership in the industry R&D setting while being in charge of a cutting-edge study at Allergan that delivered preclinical data that met all proof-of-concept milestones.
Skiing, surfing, playing cello.

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Philippe Petrov

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