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Mohamed Elkhouaja

French, Arabic, Elementary Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences, Mathematics

Mohamed EL KHOUAJA is a bilingual language teacher of French and Arabica at
primary school, he is also a volunteer of Anouar association in charge of social media
management, he is a former volunteer in International Festival of Ibn Battuta to
promote the peace and the universal values, he speaks French, English, and Arabic as
mother tongue. he graduated from university in economics and management in 2017.
Mohamed is a hardworking and ambitious young leader, he has participated in
different national and international events, he's gotten strong leadership skills from
the World Youth Alliance organization as human dignity defender, he's the coordinator
of education comity in charge of Certified training program, he has perfect
communication skills, he was coordinator of associations and organizations in the
international festival of Ibn battuta in 2017, he's gotten the skills of advocacy from the
MUN, and others skills that he learned from the training of language proficiency
interview by peace corps organization of the USA in 2018, and the training of dialogue
techniques by DUF Council of Denmark and OMJD, and the conference of youth 12.
Mohamed has enthusiasm, a perfect sense of responsibility and initiative, he likes
to develop himself and improve his leadership skills, he admires engaging in new
experiences and supporting others, and contribute to the development of his
community, as result he's a member of a local association in his countryside, he's an
emergent writer, he likes to write motivational articles in his blog to support youths
people to make a change in their life and their community, he's a lover of reading,
tripping, social activities and sport.

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