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Ish Hasan

English, History, Health, Nutrition, Psychology, Philosophy, Data Science, SQL, HTML, CSS, Social Sciences, Technology, Coding

I am fascinated by humans. This fascination has been my primary prerogative in my life, and it's led me to understanding myself and my place in the world, as well as connect with some amazing humans and beautiful experiences.

I have a B.S. in Information Systems and an A.S. in Accounting, but limiting my life experience to those two degrees seems small. I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher, a relationship and purpose coach, a writer, and a forever student. Currently, I'm working on publishing book to inspire others to live a life from a place of courage and not conformity, and I'm also going through an unconventional MBA program.

My mission is to inspire others and help them live a fulfilling life.

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Ish Hasan

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