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Carrie Whitt-Barrett


While my resume speaks to the highlights of my careers, I hope this short bio conveys my history and passion for education. Until recently, I’ve spent my career educating students from all areas of life. My work began in the low-income rural areas of Ohio and more affluent areas in North Carolina and upstate New York. However, I’ve spent most of my career teaching high school students in New York City Public Schools. I’ve had the privilege to educate the misunderstood, the overachieving, the special education, and the English language learner student. While facing the unique challenges of each school, classroom, and student, I remained – and remain - focused on my belief that every child can learn. This belief guided my daily planning and instruction. With a tactical approach, I scaffolded and differentiated activities and instruction, so students could comprehend, relate, and engage with instruction. I created meaningful and measurable assessments that allowed for frequent checks for understanding, meaningful feedback, and student revision. In addition to my work with students, I have developed and led teachers through professional development on topics such as: team teaching, cross curricular planning, curriculum vertical alignment, standards-based curriculum mapping and planning, and assessment. I have formed numerous partnerships with special education teachers, content teachers, grade teams and outside organization-all helped to diversify and enrich my instruction.

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Carrie Whitt-Barrett

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