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Britini Fricke

Elementary Mathematics, History, Reading, Writing, Natural Sciences, English, Mathematics

My name is Britini Fricke, and I am an elementary educator with three years of teaching experience. I have worked with students in Second Grade as well as Fourth Grade. I am certified in K-6 Elementary Education. In addition, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and History from The College of New Jersey. I am passionate about helping students learn and grow. My commitment as an elementary school teacher is to motivate students to their fullest potential. Along with maximizing each student's performance, I embrace and incorporate the latest technology in my everyday lessons. I have taught Mathematics, History, Science, Writing, and Reading throughout my years as an educator.

In addition to my passion for teaching, my hobbies include sewing, drawing, spending time with family and friends, and walking my dog.

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Britini Fricke

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