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Andres Zanela

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural Sciences

I am passionate about education and how it can transform the minds of the students, the community they are immersed in, and the environment. I have been giving tutoring classes for more than 5 years in subjects such as math, chemistry, English, and physics. I love how I get the students to understand these problematic subjects, making them realize that they are not complex, the learning approach that teachers are having with them is not adequate for them.

I am also involved in the family business. It is a stationery shop that has been working for decades and my dad hasn't been able to transform and evolved it in the e-commerce and digital world. I have been developing strategies to grow the business of the store, getting more clients through the tools of digital marketing, inventory control, operation process, and others.

The other subject I really like is excel and data analysis. I have worked with several companies making their reports to facilitate them their work and their analysis. I really like to solve their problems with this tool Excel.

I like to be creative and do several things. That was one of the reasons I started giving tutoring classes because I can be creative with the students and teachers, and each person is unique.

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Andres Zanela

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