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🚀If you treat your job search like a search-and-destroy mission, meet your new mission control.


💪Pushing Notion's possibilities to the limit, this template makes it painfully easy to be fanatically organized... at least on your job hunt—I won’t ask about the state of your closets!


🤦‍♀️Never again rewrite your resume just because you couldn't find the old version that would have worked. Stop manually updating your skills on a dozen versions of your CV, only to forget to add that big new achievement before hitting “Apply” on your dream job!


🥳Just update an experience once, and your new creds and fresh brags are magically there across all your resume versions—even those you already submitted!


👩‍💻How is this possible, you ask? Because this template makes it effortless to leverage the full power of Notion's synced blocks and relational databases. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know what that means. It’s all done for you. Right. Here.

The Overachiever's Job Search Mission Control - Notion Resume Template

    • Step-by-step instructions that make Notion's most advanced wizardry literally as easy as 1-2-3.
    • A way to import your existing resumes in seconds, then strip them for parts faster than a thieves can strip a breakdown on the Jersey Turnpike.
    • Use any part of your resume again and again, create new iterations and keep them organized, and always be able to find the perfect version for the job.
    • Real-life example resumes, achievement bullet points, even sample cold InMails for networking at your target companies!
    • Bonus 1: Networking contact database that lets you run your job search like it's your actual job, with its own CRM! Keep track of who you've reached out to, effortlessly set follow-up reminders, and more.
    • Bonus 2: Referral link for 10 free AI resume scans to make sure your new resume is perfectly matched to the job description and guaranteed to beat the ATS!
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