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If you live in an overpriced city (and at this point, who doesn’t?) you need a trusty apartment-hunter’s Bowie knife to tackle the concrete jungle and cut through the confusing tangle of hidden fees, strings-attached discounts and high-pressure tactics from leasing agents.


Enter the Apartment Hunter’s Secret Weapon! I built this easy-to-use but sophisticated Notion template so my partner and I could figure out which apartments were REALLY a good deal, and which were just trying to lure us into overpaying.


And it worked! We not only landed a dream apartment, but were able to bargain From a position of strength because we could show the leasing agent their competition and the incentives they were offering right here in the template, telling me on the number they would need to hit in order to be competitive.


In today’s overpriced market, Many cities have a lot of new build coming online and developers are in a hurry to fill up new buildings so they can start making money on their investments. There are some juicy looking move-in incentives out there, but they often have complicated terms and strings attached, like so-called “look-and-lease” rewards they give you money back if you sign a lease within 24 hours of a showing, discounts that only apply to certain units or that expire after a certain date, etc.


That’s why the Apartment Hunter’s Secret Weapon template can calculate the true value of any move-in deal in a snap, so you’ll never get confused by leasing agents moving the goalposts and luring you into a deal that’s not as good as it seems.


And unlike those leasing agents, I’ve got a straightforward bargain for you, the first people to use my template after it landed me my dream apartment: 80% off Until the end of my months of free rent! In other words, for one dollar, you could literally save thousands.


Plus, if you buy and them decide you want a feature I haven’t built yet, just comment on the original template, and I will reply and do my best to either build it or suggest a workaround. If you have questions, you want answered before parting with your precious dollar, just hit me up on the socials! I’m happy to make custom video walk-throughs of any features you’re curious to learn more about. B2Climate.School for all the socials!

Apartment Hunter’s Secret Weapon

$5.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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