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We handle the homework stress. You just connect with your kid.

If your relationship suffers from

shouting matches over homework

blurred mother arguing with dissatisfied teenage girl near laptop.jpg

maybe they need to hear someone else's voice for a change.  Even better, a tutor who knows how to listen for what might re-kindle their native curiosity and drive to learn. Because when they connect with that, our job is done.

pain point

We don't want to be your tutor forever.

our goal is to get fired.

a pink slip is a tutor's gold medal!

Yes, we’ll work hard to make a great connection between student and tutor. But we don’t want to stick around forever. Because we want to see our students fired up and skilled at self-starting. So next time the grind starts to douse their curious flame, they don’t need a tutor to give them a light. They've got their own. That's why we believe...

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